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We Source The Following Fitness And Sport Items Ranges
Exercise & Fitness products that meet
International Standards :
Wellness has never been as cool and trendy. In recent years, JS Sourcing has implemented resources to match the growing number of requests for fitness products sourcing. We accompany fitness brands and gym equipment wholesalers to set up and improve their supply chain in China. The proximity to Sports & outdoor products factories, absence of language barrier for us to handle the daily tasks of placing, monitoring fitness products orders in China is a gain. Moreover, we are able to push the boundaries of packaging and branding by sharing cross-industry knowledge.
Why Source Your Fitness & Exercise Equipment With Us?
  • Maximizing purchasing efficiency
  • Access to hard to find fitness accessories factories
  • Low risks & quality defects rate
  • Endless product packaging possibilities
Fitness & Gym Products Sample List
  • Weights
  • Resistance Band
  • Exercise mat
  • Training accessories
  • Supports
  • Kettle bell
  • gym bag made in china Gym bag
  • Skipping rope
  • Water bottle
  • Gym machines
Our ability to work with tight deadlines, complex schemes, and multiple sport goods factories translates into increase efficiency and security. From RFQs to after-sales, purchasers, quality inspectors, and logisticians help you implement the best fitness sourcing strategy. Our main goal is to generate savings while ensuring on-time delivery with close to zero hassle and defects.